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Seaside Dwelling,Nea Dimata, Cyprus

Architecture is neither today's nor yesterday's, it belongs of the day of tomorrow.

The challenge is represented by finding the right path, treating all solutions with discernment becomes primordial.

Today everything is achievable; there are unlimited building techniques, solutions possible for any daring plan. Unfortunately, it happens to not understand the purpose, to cause an imbalance between function/shape/structure, ultimately affecting THE HUMAN BEING, the final beneficiary: new materials that can make irreparable harm when used irresponsibly, solutions for shapes that affect our spirits, failed integration in existing, dominated by singular experiences that do not take into account the entire.

The return to nature, traditional materials versus their total ignorance, straight facets versus snail shells, concrete, earth, wood, metal, glass, minimalism / eclecticism, all these are pieces of this road to straight ahead and the skills and competence of the architect lies in finding the balance.

Based on these thoughts, this project tries to interpret in a different way the arrangement of the wooden structure, so the final result generate a simple image with large openings, without intermediate support, without additional treatments of the structure - glue lam, layering - allowing also small teams to execute such works in the fields without being constrained by special equipment to realize the project.

Another advantage is the speed of installation. In this case, installing the wooden structure was completed in about one month. Because of the geometry, trusses allow the creation of virtual channels, and in that direction can be mounted the installations routes, making the execution time more efficient by using mainly dry materials.

The house is located in the west part of the island, in a quiet area, almost rural, with a very low density of the built area, where nature surrounds you always. Orchards of mango, avocado, oranges and other exotic fruits on one side, the sea and the Akamas peninsula on the other side.

A minimalist architecture, with dominant glass areas. A house that allows the charm of the surrounding landscape to enter deep into its heart. An infinity pool creates the connection between the sea and the house, a feeling of merging with nature.

A home for long vacations, with minimum storage areas, aspacious ground floor, with the living room, the dining area and kitchen all gathered in an open space with a large opening towards the sea, with harmonic doors for creating an area that appears to be outside but covered. A lavatory and a bedroom with private bathroom and direct access to the terrace and pool. On the first floor, all three bedrooms are connected with a fully glazed corridor which offers a wide view to the mountains and the orchards opposite the seascape.

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