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About Us

Bee Architects is an interdisciplinary practice bringing together high-end concepts in architecture with structured, on-time and budget delivery. We work on all the aspects and lifecycle of a project, from brief and initial concept all the way to delivery and sign-off.

Our experience covers both residential and commercial sectors; we have done several ecclesiastical buildings in the past and we are fortunate enough that one of these has attracted international attention click here. Recently we have been involved in the delivery of 22 Lidl stores in the United Kingdom and that list is growing!

We are lucky to have a great team around us and we can also bring structural engineers, surveyors and 3D artists so the projects we create are also validated from a structural and feasibility perspective.

Bee Architects is employing regenerative design practices and we always looking at the sustainability of our projects, from minimising waste to using locally sourced materials and materials with a low carbon footprint. Some of our projects are off-grid or designed to be built with materials and locally outsourced supplies. As a practice, we are members of Architects Declare and are fully behind the ethos of the organisation.

We have listed in our Portfolio some of our past projects as they can give you a small insight into what we have been involved in creating so far; if you would want to discuss your project please get in touch and we would be happy to work with you and bring it to reality.

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